Code of conduct

Code of conduct

INTRODUCTION Here at Solar Sigma Ltd, our code of conduct will serve as a guide for our daily business interactions, reflecting our standards for proper behaviour and our corporate values. The Code clearly guides how we do our business at Solar Sigma Ltd. and the way we achieve the results. Solar Sigma Ltd.’s Code of Conduct applies to all people, including Directors, Officers, and all employees of the Company.

Each employee is responsible for demonstrating integrity and leadership by complying with the provisions of the Code of Conduct, Company policies and all applicable laws. By fully including ethics and integrity in our on-going business relationships and decision-making, we demonstrate a commitment to a culture that promotes the highest ethical standards.


Core values are the path that we take to realize our vision and mission.The employees are expected to achieve their business results by living our core values Care for people, Excellence, Reliability, Respect for Nature and Shared Benefit.


“The Company cares about people”: Solar Sigma Ltd. team, customers, shareholders, consumers, suppliers and business partners. The company is committed to act with compassion, integrity, honesty and the highest ethical standards in all situations, to listen to others with respect and to value differences. The company respects and welcomes any suggestions from all the employees of the company which can improve the company’s operations and enhance efficiency in work.


“Do ordinary things in extra ordinary way” is one of our core values. The company or any individual acting on behalf of the company should try their best to finish the job and should pay attention to small details for customer satisfaction.

CREDIBILITY If we commit something then let’s make sure we do it.

We must be ethical and credible in all dealings either internal or external. We will have to deal with vendors, contractors, customers etc. In all business dealings we must be fair, ethical and reliable.

The company gives grave value to the commitments and fulfils them in the provided time frame. Solar Sigma Ltd. wants its customer satisfaction so that the customers can rely and put their faith in the company.

RESPECT FOR NATURE The Company Solar Sigma Ltd. is also committed to protect the global environment, to enhance the communities where people live and work.

As it can be seen from the slogan the company states “Positive Energy by Nature”. The company works for the betterment of Nature. It takes great care to safeguard the environment. By using our products the company is addressing the global warming issue and the issue of carbon emission from electricity production from other sources. Here at Solar Sigma Ltd., positive energy from Nature is converted into electricity for corporate and house hold purposes.


Success is what is for all. We need to recognize and safeguard interests of other members of the society like vendors, customers or other institutions working in collaboration with our company. In order to do so we need to create such circumstances where, along with our interests, others also feel comfortable in dealing. We need to create a win-win situation for all the parties involved in dealing with our company.

We must care for the environment and be responsible for the impact of our actions upon it.Through our products we are bringing Heat, Light via converting positive energy by Nature and putting it to peoples’ benefits. If we continue to do this in a safe and responsible way, we help our customers and bring positive change in our environment as well.

All of us belong to different departments but we need to work together as a team for the company’s prosperity and need to put our differences aside. While working together some of us might feel some differences and situations where conflicts will emerge. Or there might be situations where decision making would be difficult but necessary at that time. In order to resolve those issues we must ask the following questions to ourselves

  1. Am I authorized to do this?
  2. Am I setting a good example?
  3. Is the action legal and consistent with our Values, the Code, our Business Practices?
  4. Is the action the right thing to do?
  5. Would I be proud to report this action to someone I respect?
  6. Will the action further enhance Solar Sigma’s reputation?
  7. Am I demonstrating the highest ethical standards?
If answer to all these questions is a YES then you may continue with your decision but if the answer is a NO then you must consult someone from the higher management. We need to think what is better for the whole company and not our departments. CODE OF BUSINESS ETHICS AND CONDUCT

In performing their daily job duties and responsibilities, employees of Solar Sigma Ltd. should always act lawfully, ethically, and in the best interests of the company. This Code of Business Conduct and Ethics (the “Code of Conduct”) sets out basic guideline and principles. Employees who are unsure whether their conduct or the conduct of their co-workers complies with the Code of Conduct should contact their manager or the Human Resource Department. Employees may also launch a complaint if they suspect that the co-workers are not following the ethical code of conduct.

Compliance with Laws, Rules and Regulations

Employees must follow applicable laws, rules and regulations at all times. Employees with questions about the applicability or interpretation of any law, rule or regulation, should contact the Human Resource Department.

Conflicts of Interest

In performing their job duties, employees are expected to use their judgment to act, at all times and in all ways, in the best interests of Solar Sigma Ltd. A “conflict of interest” exists when an employee’s personal interest interferes with the best interests of Solar Sigma Ltd. A conflict of interest may also arise from an employee’s business or personal relationship with a customer, supplier, competitor, business partner, or other employee, if that relationship impairs the employee’s objective business judgment. Conflict of interest may also arise from receiving or offering gifts and entertainment.

Gifts and Entertainment covers broad aspects including gifts, trips, services, entertainment and any other thing of value. One must not give or receive gifts of any value that are unlawful or might otherwise appear to be an attempt to influence a decision which affects the Company. Any gifts’ offering by any company or an individual to an employee must be declared to the management even if one has not accepted it.

Employees should attempt to avoid conflicts of interest and employees who believe a conflict of interest may exist should promptly notify the Human Resource Department. The Human Resource Department will consider the facts and circumstances of the situation to decide whether corrective or mitigating action is appropriate.

Political contribution

Solar Sigma Ltd. does not contribute, directly or indirectly, to political campaigns or to political parties, groups or individuals seeking to raise money for political campaigns or parties and expects the same from its employees.

All employees and members of senior management once identified as solar sigma Ltd. employees publically, should refrain from participating in any political activity. Political participation includes passing out political material, posting comments on social-networking sites, blogging, campaign contributions, hosting a fundraiser for a political candidate/parties, as well as making a financial contribution to a candidate’s campaign from solar sigma platform.

Value Unique Contributions

Solar Sigma Ltd. values and recognizes the contributions, good and hard work of others; respect individuality; involve others when making decisions and establishing priorities. Valuing people for their individual differences is key to building and sustaining success in business now and in the future. We strive to avoid favouritism or the appearance of favouritism in the workplace in accordance with the policies and procedures adopted by the Company.

Insider Trading Policy

Securities & Exchange Ordinance, 1969 (SECO) prohibits insider trading by persons who have material information that is not generally known or available to the public.

Employees of the Company may not trade in stock or other securities while in possession of material non-public information Or
  1. Pass on material non-public information to others without express authorization by the Company or recommend to
  1. others that they trade in stock or other securities based on material non-public information.

All employees are expected to review and follow these Guidelines. Certain employees must comply with trading windows and/or preclearance requirements when they trade Solar Sigma securities.

Equal Employment Opportunities

Solar Sigma Ltd. provides equal employment opportunity in all aspects to males and females and will not tolerate any illegal discrimination or harassment of any kind. Solar Sigma Ltd. provides employment opportunities to all qualified persons on an equal basis. The Company will not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment because of:

This includes, but is not limited to, recruitment, hiring, promotion, transfer, compensation, training, demotion or layoff.

• Race or Ethnicity • Color • Religion • Gender or Gender Identity • National Origin • Age • Sexual Orientation • Disability • Marital Status • Veteran Status • Any other characteristic protected by law.
  Health and Safety

Solar Sigma Ltd. provides a clean, safe and healthy work environment. Each employee has responsibility for maintaining a safe and healthy workplace and should prove by practices. Solar Sigma Ltd. encourages all employees for reporting and making suggestions for improvements regarding accidents, injuries and unsafe conditions, procedures, or behaviours.

Violence and threatening behaviour are not permitted and are not tolerable by the company. Employees must report to work in a presentable condition to perform their duties.

Solar Sigma Ltd. is a smoke free premises and use and possession, sale or use of any illegal drugs or alcohol at the premises of the organization is strictly prohibited.

Any use or possession of weapons/ firearms/ ammunition/ explosive devices on company’s property is strictly prohibited. Possession of weapons may be allowed to the personnel serving in the security department of the company which might be used for the security of the people working in the organization.

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

Solar Sigma Ltd. gives stress upon safety measures as care for people is one of the most important values. Everyone in the company whether managerial or technical staff, should take due care about safety of themselves and others. Everyone should make sure that the technical staff and personnel on field should make use of the safety equipment. The correct safety equipment should be present in the company at all times so that it should be in easy access when required. Staff should be provided with proper training of how to utilize safety equipment. Everyone should observe safety measures and should report any unsafe conditions to the management.

Price Fixing

Employees must not discuss prices or make any formal or informal agreement/ bids/ tenders etc. with any competitor regarding prices, discounts, business terms, or the market segments and channels in which the Company competes, where the purpose or result of such discussion or agreement could damage or potentially influence the core business of the company.

The Employees must not accept commission from vendors/ suppliers and should work in the best interest of the company. Any employee found in contempt of this, will have to face strict disciplinary or legal action or both by the company.

Bribery/ Corruption

Employees may not bribe anyone for any reason, whether in dealings with governments or the private sector. As per The Prevention of Corruption Act 1947 prohibits offering/giving or accepting anything of value, directly or indirectly, to or from government officials/ private sector organizations other than remuneration or reward in order to obtain or retain business. Employees may not make illegal payments to government officials or to any private sector organization themselves or through a third party.

Recordkeeping, Reporting, and Financial Integrity

Solar Sigma Ltd.’s books, records, accounts and financial statements must be maintained in appropriate detail, must properly reflect the Company’s transactions and must conform both to applicable law and to the Company’s system of internal controls. Further, public financial reports must contain full, fair, accurate, timely and understandable disclosure as required by law. The Company’s financial, accounting and legal groups are responsible for procedures designed to assure proper internal and disclosure controls, and all employees should cooperate with these procedures.

Questions / Reporting Violations

Employees should speak with anyone in their management chain or the Human Resource Department when they have a question about the application of the Code of Conduct or when in doubt about how to properly act in a particular situation.

Solar Sigma Ltd. will not allow at any cost, any retaliation against an employee for reporting misconduct in good faith, by others. Employees must cooperate in internal investigations of potential or alleged misconduct.

Employees who violate the Code of Conduct will be subject to disciplinary action including fine, warning or termination of services as a last and final resort, whichever the company may deem fit.


The Employees must protect the confidential information of our company and our business partners.

During the course of employment, the employee may acquire certain information about Solar Sigma Ltd. and its customers, suppliers or business partners or another third party that is confidential, competitively sensitive and/or proprietary. The employee should assume and treat all such information as confidential or competitively sensitive, unless you have clear indication that Solar Sigma Ltd. has publically released the information. You should not disclose any confidential business information to anyone outside Solar Sigma Ltd. unless the disclosure is:

• Properly authorized. • In connection with a clearly defined, legitimate business need. • Subject to a written confidentiality agreement approved by the competent authority.

Even within our company and among your co-workers, you must not share confidential information unless it is necessarily required and approved by the management for the business purpose.


Human Resource Department of Solar sigma Ltd. maintains files of every employee which is sensitive and confidential data. The employee files are not a public record and all employees will not be granted access to such files. Such information might be granted access to supervisors or concerned employees on need to know basis. The employee files contain sensitive and confidential data which shall not be shared with other employees.


A professional appearance suitable to carry out business should be maintained. The dressing and demeanour should be maintained to meet professional standards.

The dressing should not contain any offensive quotes, titles, writing that would be considered as an insult or harm the feelings of a specific cast, creed, color, or group of people etc.

The management reserves the right to determine appropriateness. Any member of the organization found in violation of this code, who is improperly dressed will be counselled or in severe cases may be sent home to change clothes. Continued disregard of this policy may be cause for disciplinary action.

The decorum of office shall be maintained at all times.

Attendance and Punctuality

It is expected of all the employees of Solar Sigma Ltd. to follow the office timings. Solar Sigma Ltd. promotes punctuality and absences are highly discouraged. However, in some cases the management does accommodate the employees in order to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

In case of a leave required by the employee, he/she is responsible to inform a day in advance or is bound to inform the supervisor in the early office hours. Repeated uninformed absences will lead to a strict action by management or shall in extreme cases, may result in termination of services. Office Timings to be followed are 9:00 am – 5:00 pm.

The above timings are standard, whereas on certain occasions or on required basis the management and certain staff will perform out of these standard timings.

The office will remain open from Monday – Saturday for the same said timings.

These timings and working days can be changed at any point of time by the management.


Solar Sigma Ltd. strives to provide a work environment that is free from harassment of any kind and/or any other offensive or disrespectful conduct. Our Code prohibits harassment in the workplace.

Harassment includes unwelcomed verbal, visual, physical conduct, bullying, violence in work place or other conduct of any kind that creates an intimidating, offensive or hostile work environment. While the legal definition of harassment may vary, we consider the following non-exhaustive list to be unacceptable behaviour:

  • – Sexual harassment
  • – Offensive language or jokes
  • – Racial, ethnic, gender or religious slurs
  • – Degrading comments
  • – Intimidating or threatening behaviour
  • – Bullying
  • – Violence
  • – Showing hostility towards others because of individual characteristics

You should never act in a harassing manner or otherwise cause your co-workers to feel uncomfortable in their work environment. It is important to remember that harassment, sexual or otherwise, is determined by your actions and how they impact others, regardless of your intentions.

Sexual Harassment is a punishable offence and is punishable as per “The Protection against Harassment of Women at Workplace Act, 2010”

If an employee is found guilty of whether one of the above mentioned irregularities then following actions can be taken by the management

  • – Warning
  • – Fine as decided by the management
  • – Holding increments for certain amount of time
  • – Holding promotion for a certain amount of time
  • – Reduction to a lower post or lower time-scale
  • – Dismissal from service (it disqualifies for re-employment)
Complaint Process

Individuals who believe they have been the victims of conduct prohibited by this policy statement or who believe they have witnessed such conduct should discuss their concerns with their immediate supervisor, HR Department, any member of management or have an option to properly launch a complaint by giving an application to the HR Department.

Solar Sigma Ltd. encourages individuals who believe they are being subjected to such conduct to promptly advise the offender that his or her behaviour is unwelcome and request that it should be discontinued. Often this action alone will resolve the problem. Solar Sigma Ltd. recognizes, however, that an individual may prefer to pursue the matter through complaint procedures.

The company encourages the prompt reporting of complaints or concerns so that rapid and constructive action can be taken before relationships become irreparably strained. Therefore, one month time period is provided by the management of Solar Sigma Ltd, to the employees who wants to file complaint ,however, early reporting and intervention have proven to be the most effective method of resolving actual or perceived incidents of harassment.

Any reported allegations of harassment, discrimination or retaliation will be investigated promptly. The investigation may include individual interviews with the parties involved and, where necessary, with individuals who may have observed the alleged conduct or may have other relevant knowledge.

Confidentiality will be maintained throughout the investigatory process to the extent consistent with adequate investigation and appropriate corrective action.

Misconduct constituting harassment, discrimination or retaliation will be dealt appropriately.

False and malicious complaints of harassment, discrimination or retaliation may be the subject of appropriate disciplinary action.

Office Property

All employees are expected to exercise due care in their use of the property of Solar Sigma Ltd. The company property shall be used specifically for the purpose of carrying out business related activities and personal use is prohibited. The removal of Company property from the Company premises is prohibited and in rare cases where the company property is necessary to be removed from company premises, the employee needs to take proper approval from a competent authority in order to do so.

The Company Name, stamp, letter heads etc. are company property and may only be used for legitimate company purposes by the authorized personnel only.

The company property, issued to any employee at any point of time, shall be returned by the employee at the end of employment or upon the request of the management to surrender at any time during services. Proper Use of Tools and Company Property

Solar Sigma Ltd. expects its employees to make proper use of tools for work and properties such as company vehicles, test equipment, measurement devices etc. The company expects its employees to be organized. Equipment should be used properly and placed back on their designated places so there is no inconvenience in future regarding any equipment to others.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Protecting the Earth’s natural resources through innovation and efficiency in our operations. The company strives to save earth’s environment by converting solar energy into electrical energy. It saves the environment from carbon emission and in turn saves the natural resources to some extent as well. In countries like Pakistan sun availability is abundant, so why not utilise a natural resource to fulfil our needs and save the environment at the same time?