CEO message

CEO Message

The most desirable commodity for a common person is ENERGY.

We are blessed with abundance of natural renewable energy. The question is how to tap it and bring it to masses? The amount of light transmitted to earth by sun in one hour is good enough to fulfill the energy demands of the entire planet for one whole year.

Pakistan is blessed with the vital location on the globe.It is 3rd from the top in the list of all countries for quality solar irradiance.This country shall be in the position of exporting surplus electricity and helping others instead of longing for it.

During last decade, there had been significant developments and technology advancements in PV cells efficiency, inverters reliability and battery life. Also the cost has been reduced sizably. Therefore, the myth of very high initial capital cost for solar systems is busted already. We need to promote this new reality and to motivate people to adopt the green energy solutions for their own benefit.

Don’t you feel that the scarcity of the energy is the cause behind most of the unrest in the world?

We at Solar Sigma strongly believe that by following our vision, “Convenient provision of renewable energy for all” we can meet the energy demands of a common person in a fair fashion. Let’s work together to bridge the demand and supply gap of energy and contribute to bring long lasting peace on this planet.

Nobody can willingly join renewable energy business unless they have the passion and sense of environmental responsibility as a cause behind the motivation. Since the people in this business have the common passion and cause so we consider all of them our partners and we shall join hands strongly to promote this cause.

I take this opportunity to appreciate my partners and supporters from Qatar, UK, Malaysia and Pakistan as well as all our valued clients for sharing the vision and for joining hands to make the planet greener and better.

Nisar A. Latif

CEO-Solar Sigma Ltd.