CEO-SSL Mr. Nisar A. Latif as Guest of Honor at the launch of on-Grid Inverter, PC Lahore

Mr. Nisar A. Latif, CEO Solar Sigma Ltd. was invited as Guest of Honor at the launching ceremony of new On-Grid Inverter by Inverex Pakistan at PC hotel Lahore on August 07, 2017. In his speech, Mr. Nisar promised to provide his company’s full support for promotion of on-Grid systems because on-Grid systems are measurable. The client and the installer can easily track daily consumption of power through on-grid solar system. As Solar Sigma Ltd. is working for promotion of Net metering, Mr. Nisar expressed his views regarding the newly launched products, to be very useful in making Net Metering a success story in near future. IESCO, LESCO, MEPCO, GEPCO, HESCO have already started issuing Net Metering licenses to their domestic as well as commercial consumers. Demo Net Metering Systems are already working at IESCO Head Office-Islamabad, LESCO Head Office-Lahore, MEPCO Head Office-Multan. Clients can visit their offices for demonstrations prior to applying for their own Net Metering Licenses. Few other DISCOs including PESCO, are also working to start issuing Net Metering Licenses in near future. Click on the links below to view the media coverage: